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Driving Hell: Investigating The Worst Intersections In D.C.

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[Photo by Sean Hennessy]

DDOT has a possible fix in store for one of the worst intersections in D.C. Thank goodness for that. The fake traffic circle at the intersection of New York and Florida Avenue, humorously called Dave Thomas Circle (due to the adjacent Wendy's) has certainly been improved with enormous text in the lanes delineating what car goes where, but it's still rather terrible. As such, to improve safety of cyclists and pedestrians DDOT has come up with a few plans to make the intersection less complicated and terrifying. But why stop there? D.C. have lots of lousy intersections that could use some TLC. A few have been highlighted after the jump, but please add your least favorite D.C. intersections in the comments. This may turn into a poll at a later time.

S Street, New Jersey Avenue, Florida Avenue and Rhode Island Avenue NW: Kudos to's Matt Yglesias for pointing out this hot mess a few years ago. Yes, there are four different streets (three of them at odd diagonals) intersecting right here. Yuck.

North Capitol Street and New York Avenue NW: Just hope you don't need to make a right turn on a day or time when any cars are on the road. It can take twenty minutes just to get through that weird little side lane and onto New York Avenue. Also, the visibility taking that right turn is abysmal and as it's the best way to get to I-395, it's not a great intersection for pedestrians, either. There has to be a better way.

Blair Road, 4th Street and Cedar Street NW: This one might not be as bad as some of the others that have been named, but this five points intersection in Takoma is a huge hold up for drivers going in all directions. It's also kind of difficult to determine whether that left turn you just made will lead you right into the grill of another driver who also seemingly has the right of way.

Columbus Circle: It has improved somewhat since Washington City Paper called out this area in front of Union Station for being an extraordinarily unsafe pedestrian experience, but it's also an extremely confusing area for drivers as well. You'd better know where you want to turn and quickly.
· "Dave Thomas Circle" could get fixes or disappear entirely [GGW]