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D.C. Taxicabs Could Embrace An Uber Pricing Tactic

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[Photo by Dominic Campbell]

Uber and the D.C. Taxicab Commission have spent the past couple years fighting, fighting and fighting some more. So, there's more than a little irony present in the fact that D.C. taxis might embrace one of Uber's pricing tactics. A law has been proposed in D.C. Council that cabs would be able to embrace surge pricing. This is something that's supposed to level the playing field between cabs and services like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. Surge pricing, for the unfamiliar, is one of Uber's less endearing policies where in times of high demand (like St. Patrick's Day or New Year's Eve), the price of fare goes up, and Uber riders can either choose to accept this price increase or wait it out until demand has gone down. This is what could await people that hail a cab via mobile device if this measure courtesy of Councilmembers David Grosso and Mary Cheh, who has often (though not always) been the champion of Uber on the D.C. Council, goes through.
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