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Low Parking Doesn't Fly For Proposed Logan Circle Complex

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The concept of going car free may have been a bit too much for the folks in charge of D.C. zoning to wrap their head around. So, this time developers Brook Rose and Gregg Busch took a different approach, asking instead for four parking spaces. Well, that didn't work out for them either. Rose and Busch were denied parking relief and the debate that took place at this morning's Board of Zoning Adjustment hearing got rather heated.

Board members Lloyd J. Jordan and Peter May argued whether it was even within the rights of the board to ask the developers to build fewer units so as to meet the required amount of parking spaces. Also, it turns out that if someone turns in a rebuttal that includes anecdotal evidence (minute 38:24 of the video linked to below) it can be used in these hearings. Either way, it seems like the Board of Zoning Adjustment is asking for proof that there really is "a real practical difficulty" as Jordan puts it, to build parking under that oddly shaped historic property or that the impact on traffic and parking would be unquestionably disastrous with the nineteen required spaces. The project already got approval going into the hearing from the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission and D.C.'s Office of Planning.
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