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Check Out This $10.5M Home And Let The Drooling Begin

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Welcome to the Palisades where real estate eye candy is the norm and it's totally understandable that there's a house on the market for almost $10.5 million. Also, take a look at that pool which looks more like a part of a landscaped botanical garden than something anyone or their child could potentially use for cannonball landings. Then there's the back porch which overlooks underrated Battery Kemble Park. There is a photo of the camera and its tripod in one of the bathroom shots, but perhaps the lack of poorly placed fake nostalgia means that this won't remain on the market for years on end. Click on the gallery to see the fireplaces in one of the seven bedrooms and the sorts of sprawling spaces a 15,648 square foot lot has to offer.
· 3101 Chain Bridge Road NW [Estately]