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Georgetown Waterfront's Architect Built This $10M Manse

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Cypriot architect Angelos Demetriou was internationally renowned but was more known around D.C. for his design of several foreign embassies and his revitalization of areas like West End and the Georgetown Waterfront than for building private properties. It should be no surprise that this 5,724 square foot estate in McLean looks like a giant Greek temple. Had it been built earlier than 1988, it would be worth raising the question as to whether it had ever been used for religious purposes. (As it happens, the prior owner had been a board member for the Washington National Opera.) But there is no lack of arches both inside and outside and the interior living area is an impressive domed pavilion. There are so many windows in every room of this house that overlook the Potomac. Happy Friday and happy ogling.

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