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D.C.'s Worst Hotel Is Set For A Sketchiness-Free Overhaul

[Photo via TripAdvisor]

The Allen Lee Hotel may be historic, but that doesn't mean it has a good reputation. On this website alone, it's been referred to as "Foggy Bottom's version of a haunted house," "The kind of place where you don't want to die of a heroin overdose" and the place where GWU students "[dare] their frenemies to sit for ten minutes alone in the adjacent parking lot." Finally, ten years after buying the property, Abdo Development will at long last rebuild and rebrand the site near George Washington University as the Hotel Hive. Now, instead of cockroaches and water leaks, guests can expect the city's first pod-style hotel. That's to say, the 83 rooms will be itty-bitty, 250 square feet tops, but all the rooms will have their own bathroom. By 2015 the Hotel Hive will be able to boast things like charging stations, an outdoor patio, a rooftop lounge and Wi-Fi. One can only hope this also means an updated website.
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