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The Phantom Planter's Protest Video Plays In Dupont

[Photo by Flickr user anokarina]

Last night, in the form of a folksy, song-filled video, Metro got another taste of Henry Docter's peaceful, flowery wrath. To review, in what was perhaps 2013's terrible PR move of the year, Metro yanked out the flowers that Docter had secretly planted on the embankment of the north Dupont Circle Metro exit. This was after they'd threatened to arrest him if he tended to the flowers. Although Metro offered a too little too late apology, Docter (who had garnered a lot of online support) vowed to get closure on the incident with three acts of peaceful protest. In October, he hung a box above the metro escalator featuring quotes from the comment section of a Washington Post article about him. Last night, with the permission of the National Park Service he placed an 18 foot tall projector across from the Metro station and played a video of various friends (and puppets) singing Pete Seeger's protest tune, "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" Of course, the singers changed one line from "Young girls picked them, every one" to "Metro killed them, every one." The video is available online for those who were not around the Dupont Metro last night. Docter has one more act of protest forthcoming.
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