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D.C. Home To One Of The Country's Most Dangerous Nabes

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[Photo by Josh Hughes]

Although the neighborhoods east of the river tend to get a bad rap, sadly not all of it is undeserved. In a ranking of the 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the country culled from FBI data based on law enforcement arrest records, the Washington Highlands/Bellevue area of Southeast D.C. was named the 22nd most dangerous neighborhood in America. The intersection of 4th Street and Atlantic Street SE was singled out as ground zero for offenses such as murder, rape, assault and armed robbery and chances are 1 in 14 that anyone living in (or going through) that area could be the victim of a violent crime. That intersection is by no means vacant: there's a nearby church, park and Veterans Affairs office, but it's also nowhere near the metro. Furthermore, it's relatively far removed from the areas of Southeast, namely Congress Heights, Anacostia, Fort Dupont, Barry Farms and Skyland, that are receiving most of the attention from local developers. But the biggest takeaway from these rankings should be that all of us should steer clear of the Midwest. Illinois and Michigan are not in good shape.
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