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For A $2.2M Castle, This One In Crestwood Looks Pretty Rough

Everything about this castle off Rock Creek Park seems like it should be idyllic and charming. One of its previous owners was a senator and black power advocate Stokely Carmichael's name has also been tied to the house. Also, it's a six bedroom stone freaking castle within walking distance of Carter Barron Amphitheatre. What in the world could go wrong? In short, the interior. It could use a palatial overhaul. Ignoring the fact that many of the interior photographs are overexposed, they also reveal some disturbing stains on the hallway ceiling and beat up floors, particularly near the stairway banisters. Also, to the person that left the Christmas wreath on the door, it'll be May by the end of the week. Time to take that down. On the plus side, how often do castles go on sale in D.C. (other than these two)?

· 4331 Blagden Avenue NW [Estately]
· Congressional Record Volume 114, Page 358 [Mocavo]

Rock Creek Park

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