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Behind The Raids: In The Home Of The Man In The Green Hat

[All photos by R. Lopez]

Part of the fun of going into the small two-story row home that in the 1920s housed famed prohibition bootlegger George L. Cassiday, a.k.a. The Man in the Green Hat is trying to figure out just where he stored his stash of booze. There's not a basement, which would be an obvious choice, and the wine rack on the kitchen wall is in plain sight. One of the two bedrooms has a walk-in closet, so Cassiday could have gone the route that several parents take for hiding their kids' Christmas/Hanukkah presents. Perhaps it all went into the kitchen cabinets, although the ones in the house now are clearly much newer. Take a sneak peek inside this house that hits the market tomorrow and tell us where you'd hide the liquor.

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