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How You Know This $3.69M House Is Designed For The Kids

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Even before seeing the two very large children's bedrooms in the listing photos, it's clear that the kids run this $3.69M manse in Great Falls. Between the purple couches by one fireplace, the blue chairs with red pillows by another and the bright pop art in the kitchen, there are already more bold colors than are usually visible anywhere outside of an elementary school classroom. Also, the gray cabinets in the living room with neon yellow swoops look like they came straight out of a 1990s Nickelodeon TV show. Also, the largest bedroom with loft area looks like it belongs to someone that owns a Raggedy Ann doll. So while kids clearly rule this 11,014 square foot home currently, with six bedrooms and a tennis court on the premises, there's plenty of room for the new owner to do with the place what they will. Take a look at the rest of the brightly colored home after the jump.

· 151 River Park Lane [CDC]