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Happily Ever After: The Most Creative Use Of Bikeshare Yet

[Photo by Flickr user thisisbossi]

Most people don't do terribly novel, artistic or unique things with the Capital Bikeshare bikes. They just, ya know, ride them. However, for anyone looking to make waves with CaBi-related hijinks, keep in mind that the bar has already been set. Elevation DC reports that one couple stuck "Just Married" signs on the back of a pair of bikes and used them as getaway vehicles after their wedding in Chinatown. Of course, Bikeshare was in on the plan, making sure that bikes were available at their desired pick up points and that they'd be able to dock them a few blocks away. No, they did not take the bikes all the way to their Crystal City hotel as cycling in a wedding dress was probably difficult for a few blocks. So, if a proposal at a Bikeshare station or a performance art piece on a Bikeshare bike happens soon, don't be too surprised.
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