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Own A Former Georgetown Art Gallery For $1.725 Million

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It's well documented that the D.C. art world dies a little bit inside every time an art gallery closes. So, when Heiner Contemporary in Georgetown shut its doors in January after less than three years, there was no shortage of disappointment. Still, as it was a relatively new gallery, should another artistic soul want to fill the space with more art exhibitions, it would be relatively easy to do so and do so immediately. The building has just hit the market for $1.725 million. Margaret Heiner, the gallery curator who just recently relocated to Connecticut, did plenty of renovations on the building before opening the gallery in May 2011. In fact, the photo above highlights an exhibit by artist Rachel Farbiarz from September 2013. Also, the space above the gallery is already set up as a cozy two bedroom apartment. Check out photos of the building after the jump.

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