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Famed "Green Hat" Bootlegger's Hill East House Will Ask $539K

The home of George L. Cassiday, the prohibition era bootlegger who provided liquor to a large percentage of Congress in the 1920s will hit the market this weekend. Cassiday was referred to as "The Man In The Green Hat" as he always wore a green fedora and D.C.'s only distillery distributes Green Hat Gin, named in his honor. No promises of any bottles of liquor in the basement or a secret password for entry, but know that in the 1920s, this home was raided by the police more than a few times. Maybe they'd have had better luck checking the House of Representatives for his stock. Nowadays, the Hill East home has skylights in the bedrooms and a flagstone patio; perfect for pouring out some gin rickeys. Cheers.
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