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West End Library Saga Reveals D.C. Development's Robin Hood

After two years colored by law suits and court appearances, the West End Library and its adjacent tower of luxury condos will start construction this summer. While this is certainly a disappointment to Ralph Nader and his affiliated activist group, the D.C. Library Renaissance Project who brought about the suit in the first place, the whole debacle has brought about an interesting new figure in development policy. Meet the activist group's attorney, Oliver B. Hall. Like a modern day Robin Hood, he has vowed to fight spurious land deals between the city and developers that he feels shorts the good of the District residents. Is there an obviously controversial deal underway (like the D.C. United land swap)? Hall is paying attention. How about a renovation where there is only a small group of people who seem to be offended (like the Hine Junior High School redevelopment). Hall is already on it, defending the angry people. This isn't the last anyone has heard of Oliver B. Hall.
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