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It's $97K To Buy A Garage And Only A Garage In Georgetown

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Look, Georgetown real estate is expensive. The historic nabe comes in at number seven on the list of the twelve richest neighborhoods in the whole city and the most expensive residential sale in the District in four years was that of a massive Georgetown mansion. That doesn't make this listing for a $97,000 garage any less hilarious. On one hand, it's probably the most affordable piece of property in the neighborhood. On the other hand, it's a frickin' garage (or as the listing so succinctly puts it, "GARAGE!") so sorry, bargain-hunters. Also, the photos don't show the interior, so you'll have go by the listing language which states, "Condition as-is, but it is a garage and it is lined with padding." At least it's not a vacant lot that costs almost $2 million...?

· 1657 31st Street NW [Estately]