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Which Two Bedroom Condo Under $700K Is A Keeper?

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It's time again for another round of Real Estate Death Match. Last week's bout was the third matchup between Logan Circle and Columbia Heights so if you see a cool candidate on the market in your own neighborhood, please send a tip. This was a close one and for the first time in the brief history of Logan Circle vs. Columbia Heights competitions, the Columbia Heights condo eked out a victory. But Logan Circle gets another chance this week against an untested neighborhood, so let's get going with Real Estate Death Match: K Street vs. Logan Circle Edition.

Address: 1150 K Street NW #508
Price: $645,000
Square Feet: 954
Beds, Baths: 2/2

Although this two bedroom at 1150 K is smaller than the Logan Circle competitor, it's also got enough of a drop in price so that it might actually be the better deal. The fuzzy-ish listing photos don't do a best job of showing off the garage parking, gym, roof terrace with grill or views from the floor to ceiling windows, but all of these perks are available.

It's a little easier to tell how nice this larger (and more expensive) unit at Logan Circle Condos really is. That extra bathroom is around because the other two are en-suite bathrooms for each of the enormous bedrooms. There's a private deck available and like any old row house that's since been converted to condos, there are beautiful bay windows.
Address: 1711 13th Street NW #1
Price: $699,000
Square Feet: 1,080
Beds, Baths: 2/3

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