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Say Goodbye To This Lovely Italian Mansion In Rehoboth

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Any locals looking for a beach house out in Rehoboth can cross at least one potential home off the list. While this is out of the scope of Curbed DC's usual coverage, it's also immensely disappointing that this 12,200 square foot manse is no more. However, the home of noted philanthropist Mario Capano just couldn't find a buyer. Sure, it had ten bedrooms, a concrete pool, a palatial entryway and oceanfront access. But when the '90s Italian mansion roared on the market at $7.5 million in 2008, it couldn't get any bites. Five years and several pricechops later, the LLC that eventually bought the place for $4.137 million decided that a wrecking ball might be the best option. That said, maybe destroying that weird wet bar with palm tree tiled backsplash and a giant fish overhead needed to happen, regardless. Take a look at photos of the demolition here, and more of what used to be after the jump.

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