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PG County Impatient To Get Moving On The MGM Casino

If you can't wait for the MGM International Resort at National Harbor to just get up and running already, you're not alone. Even Prince George's County seems to be ready to get those roulette wheels turning, because it's only been four months since MGM beat out its competitors for the state's final casino license and the bid to build at National Harbor, and they're quite far into the permitting process. That's especially impressive because the project will take up 23 acres and won't just include slot machines and gambling tables, but a 300-suite hotel, theater, spa, restaurants and swanky retail. True, this is going to bring a lot of money into Prince George's County, $700 million+ by 2019, but every official interviewed in this Washington Post article sounds particularly impatient to get this project off the ground. There's even a fence going up around the property right now.
· Work begins at MGM National Harbor site as Pr. George's fast-tracks application process [WaPo]
· An MGM Casino Will Open in National Harbor in Mid-2016 [CDC]