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Enjoy These Daft Punk-esque Petworth Street Signs For Now

[Photo by Valerie Paschall]

If you've been in Petworth anytime since August, you've probably noticed these artistic adjustments to the crosswalk signs. The purple boom box and helmet first showed up on the sign above at the intersection of Kansas Avenue and Upshur Street NW before making appearances on Georgia Avenue and even into Takoma. It didn't seem to cause the outrage that the One Love street signs in Mt. Pleasant did. This could be because it arguably does not interfere with the message of the crosswalk sign and they do not attempt to imitate the appearance of a real street sign in the manner of the "One Love" signs. As such, these signs have been up for eight months now. But where the legal system has not stepped in, time and the elements have. The images are starting to fade on a couple of these signs or else have faded completely, so take a trip to Petworth to snap an image of these jamming robots while you can.