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George Washington Family Farm Hitting The Auction Block

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If you'd really love some to own some Presidential real estate but JFK's $7.95M vacation home in Fauquier County (which is still on the market) is too much for you, you may still have a shot. This 411 acre farm called Clifton out in Berryville, VA used to belong to the family of George Washington, and it's about to get auctioned off. The farm actually belonged to GW's cousin Warner Washington in the 1700s and there are still two remnants of the Revolutionary era on the property: a stone summer kitchen (now a storage room) and a round ice house (now near the pool). The five bedroom main house and guest house are a little newer, but even the restored main home has the original floors from 1834. Also, if you care to continue using the property as a cattle ranch, you'll have to provide your own cows because they aren't included. The auction will be held on June 3.
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