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What $1400 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a look at the rentals around D.C. that are available on your budget. With the help of the folks from Zumper, here's a look at rentals that are available for $1400/month, just in case none of last week's $1300/month rentals spoke to you and you have a little more dough to spare.

↑ It looks like that 350 square foot efficiency in the Berkshires hasn't left the rental market since December. Oddly enough, the price has actually gone up to $1390/month.

↑ For those that don't want to live with a flock of American University students (or if you're not an American University student, yourself), this studio for $1395/month in The Chesapeake isn't terribly far away from the studio in the Berks. The building has a business center and fitness center, but if you're a dog owner, this is not the place for you.

↑ This one bedroom apartment in a Glover Park home is available for $1375/month and water and trash are included. Be ready to pay for your own electricity and Internet though. Also, be ready to pay at least a twelve month lease.