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This Condo Project Has Quietly Gone Up On 9th Street

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With large scale projects like Jefferson MarketPlace, Marriott Marquis, City Market at O and CityCenter DC making grand debuts in the Shaw and Mt. Vernon Square area, it can be easy for some of the smaller construction projects to fly under the radar. Yet, while everyone's eyes had been averted, The Colonel, a smaller retail/residential project has slowly built its way up on 9th & N without much fanfare. A website is already up for those interested in potentially living there or renting out space for their business, but other than that, the only information around about the Douglas Development project is that it will be pet-friendly, have some green touches and start leasing this fall. Also, the exterior renderings above show that unlike some buildings, the Colonel will do a good job working with the brick rowhouses that are already there, rather than against them. Take a look.
· The Colonel - 9th Street Washington DC Apartments, Townhomes and Condos [Official Website]