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Here's How An 8-Story Addition To An Old Embassy Looks

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[Renderings via Trout Design Studio]

When The Washington Post reported that the former Italian Embassy on 16th & Fuller would at long last become luxury condos called The Flats at Il Palazzo, it was the eight story addition behind the historic landmark that drew the most ire from their commenters. "I'll be interested to see how they integrate an 'eight story addition' into the original facade." says one commenter. "So much for architectural integrity," quipped another. So, how does this tower, a reported "hyphen" between the embassy and the newer surrounding buildings actually look? Actually, not too bad. From the looks of these renderings, the tower has similar coloring and a neo-Classical style that fits in well with the existing building without looking like a relic itself. Also, it's in the northwest corner of the plot of land, and as such, doesn't overshadow the former embassy. Construction on The Flats at Il Palazzo has already begun and the 110 to 130 condos have an optimistic delivery date of winter 2015.
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