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Renderings For The Fort Totten Wal-Mart Shockingly Non-Boxy

[All Renderings via Architectural Record]

The anticipated Fort Totten Wal-Mart may not be the city's first or even the city's first that includes attached apartments. However, if these renderings are any indication, it may be the best looking project of the eventual five. Fort Totten is not as dense a neighborhood as Mt. Vernon Triangle, with some of its current attractions being the 7-11, the tree-lined paths and empty lots and the combination Taco Bell and KFC. As such, that makes Fort Totten Square an easy place to expand a project and boy, is this one expansive. The size of the Wal-Mart itself is actually only 120,000 square feet (restraint by Wal-Mart standards) but the complex includes two interior courtyards with pools, Even the brick exterior includes a nod to a nearby neighborhood with the "Totten" spelled out in brick resembling the large and visible "Brookland" at Monroe Street Market. Check out the gallery above.
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Fort Totten Square