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For $1.29M, You Can Live In Gibson Island's Glass Tree House

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April has been something of a watershed month in the DMV for unusual and impressive architecture hitting the market. Between this modernist gem in Potomac to this temple-esque Angelos Demetriou home in McLean and this Mark McInturff home here in the District, there's been no shortage of standout million dollar eye candy. That brings us to Gibson Island in the Chesapeake Bay to this 2826 square foot home called the Glass Tree House. It's called this likely because it's at the highest point on the island (and as such, in the trees). Architect Ulrich Franzen designed the mid-century modern home, and you may not have heard of him, but you've probably heard of his first employer, I.M. Pei. Also, since the Glass Tree House was originally designed in 1962 for a Bethlehem Steel executive, steel also features strongly into this well-lit three bedroom home. Peep the gallery above for a closer look at the $1.29M home.
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