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Just What Is The Neighborhood Around Kennedy Street Called?

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[Photo by Flickr user rock creek]

As more activity starts to head to the area around Kennedy Street NW, some debate has arisen (on Twitter, specifically) as to what this area of the city is actually called. It seems like the block of streets surrounding Kennedy might be a little too far north to go be considered Petworth, and "North Petworth" or "Northern Petworth" goes into neighborhood name creep territory. This is to say, North Bethesda, you're not fooling anyone. Google Maps refers to the area as Brightwood Park (and so does Culture Coffee, for that matter) since it's a little too far south to actually be Brightwood proper. However, some of the other names that have been thrown around are Petworth Heights, Manor Park, Vinnegar Hill South and possibly the worst one, Funeral Heights. In fact, Kennedy Street may be the best choice of neighborhood name since naming an area for its largest and busiest corridor is not unheard of elsewhere in the city (see: U Street & K Street.) What do you call that corridor? Have at it in the comments.