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Music Preference Heatmaps Show D.C. Likes Oldies and Jazz

Music has a strong history in Washington, D.C. so when the real estate bloggers at Movoto put together these heat maps showing country-wide preferences for seventeen musical genres, it was a surprise to see that the District was not a hot spot for any of them. To be fair, go-go wasn't one of the seventeen options. Movoto gathered data from sources as diverse as National Endowment for the Arts and Wikipedia. The styles of music that seem to get the warmest reception in D.C. are rock & roll and oldies and jazz with hip-hop and metal doing better here than in most places in the United States. Surprisingly, punk music, which has a long storied history in D.C. is apparently not nearly as big here these days as it is in Nashville or Austin. Check out the gallery above to see some of the maps and play with the tool yourself to see if the music that you think is big in your hometown...statistically is.
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