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Which Two Bedroom Condo Under $1M Really Stuns?

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Time for a rainy afternoon edition of Real Estate Death Match. Last week's match wasn't even close. The Adams Morgan condo decimated the Georgetown townhouse. The townhouse struggled to even get one quarter of the votes. This week we're looking at those two bedroom options that just fall short of being a seven figure listing. Welcome to Real Estate Death Match: Columbia Heights vs. Logan Circle.

Address: 1334 Belmont Street NW #301
Price: $959,000
Square Feet: 1,458
Beds, Baths: 2/2

Even if this apartment was on a lower floor, it's in that enviable spot near Cardozo High School where everyone goes to get a good view of the Independence Day fireworks. But this is a penthouse, so it's got a private balcony and a rooftop terrace. Also, furry friends are allowed and parking is included.

Address: 1515 P Street NW #3
Price: $949,000
Square Feet: 1,361
Beds, Baths: 2/2

For $10K less, this pad has slightly less space, but The James is also closer to the intersection that Curbed readers voted the most desirable in the city. This is also a two story residence, but since it's a loft, the light coming in from the windows is even more impressive. Also, the parking that comes with this condo is a two-car tandem spot.

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