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How Much For This Row House Close To Union Station?

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Get your brain going this Monday with Pricespotter, the Curbed asking price guessing game. Check out the listing photos and basic information provided, then use those superior estimating skills and place a guess in the comments section. Quick reminder: cheaters never prosper.

What/Where: 2 BR/2 row house a few blocks from Union Station
Square Feet: 1,561
Homeowners Association Fees: N/A

This row house gets the best both worlds as far as transit options. It's near both the Union Station metro and the streetcar (which will eventually open one day maybe) for the public transit lover, but there's also parking available behind the house. It's a two bedroom house, but there's a sense that the large basement could turn into its own separate dwelling. Also, the house has a back patio and boasts a steam bath. Guess away!

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