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Virtually Browse The Phillips Collection Or Portrait Gallery

[Google Street View Inside The National Portrait Gallery]

Yes, the museums of the Smithsonian are all right there at the fingertips of us lucky Washingtonians. But for all the people who pass by those grand buildings and think, "I should go in there some day" and never do, Google has you covered. Thanks to the Google Cultural Institute's Art Project, the omnipresent web browser has partnered with a number of museums so that the artistic treasures of the world are more accessible to those who are half a world away (or a few miles away, but chained to their desk). As such, you can take a virtual tour of the National Portrait Gallery using Google Street View right from your computer. Alternately, you can look up works in either the Portrait Gallery or The Phillips Collection and stare longingly at one or two specific paintings. Good luck getting anything done this morning. (H/T Curbed Chicago)
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