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What $1300 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

It's time for a weekly dose of Curbed Comparisons, where you can see what rentals around the area can fit in your budget. There's nothing obnoxiously expensive this week and Zumper (unless otherwise noted) has provided you with a look at some places that are free right now at $1300 per month or less.

↑ Who knew that one could live in Friendship Heights, the mecca for high-end retail and expensive restaurants, at $1300/month? Sure enough, there's a ground floor one bedroom apartment in this house by the metro. If you don't mind being horribly far away from the city's central neighborhoods, you'll get your own kitchen, access to an outdoor grill and potentially, your own stuffed bear.

↑ Lucky for those dying to live in Petworth, the only apartment left in this building on Kansas Avenue is this one bedroom asking $1295 per month. The building has coin-operated laundry room which is kind of a drag, but you won't have to worry about paying the gas bill and if you play your cards right, you can nab one of the free first-come, first-serve parking spaces.

↑ Brookland is a pretty cool emerging neighborhood and as such, two bedroom apartments might not be available there anymore at $1300/month. But go just a little further south into Edgewood and that's not a problem. This place at Glenwood Apartment Homes is decently sized at 750 square feet and within walking distance of the Rhode Island Avenue Metro. Also, it looks like there's a deal for money off the application fee and the first month's rent.

↑ Shockingly there's an available bedroom in the Cardozo region between Columbia Heights and U Street available at $1260/month (plus an additional $80-$100 in utilities) that popped up on Craigslist. The catch is that like most Craigslist rental, it's in a group house and in July the lease will run out. However, this might be a good move for interns who want to move into a drug-free and smoke-free home with three other 20-somethings near the center of all of the nightlife.