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Pop-Ups Before Permanence For St. John Church of God

Although St. John Church of God will eventually give a secular business a more permanent home, there are also awesome creative short term projects in store for this space at 13th and H.

"Long term, there are a lot of needs for H street so the space could make a great restaurant or bank," says Philip Friedman, partner of Carter Rock Investments. "Still, even if a lease was signed tomorrow, it's going to take some time to renovate the space." As a result the investors who closed on this property in January are looking at several short term solutions right now.
Danielle Cralle

"We thought about doing something experimental," he says. Pop-up shops, comedy clubs and music events are all ideas that the investment group is toying with.

"We've seen what people have done in Southwest and Union Market and we think the open plan presents a lot of possibilities," he says. "The possibilities are really limitless."

Currently, Friedman and his partners are working with verde HOUSE to transform the space for short term use.