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Nearly Half Of Out-Of-State Phone Numbers In D.C. From MD

D.C. has a reputation (as do many major cities, it seems) of being a city a transplants. However, based on what people search website Spokeo (yes, that eerie website that shows up whenever you Google yourself) has found, people either aren't migrating here in packs from very far away, or are quickly changing to a 202, 703, 301 or 240 area code. Actually, judging from this research of mobile phone migration patterns, it seems most people have one of the latter three already. Almost two-thirds of the people living in the District with out-of-state numbers actually came here from Baltimore, Virginia Beach or a nearby suburb. Maryland in particular comprises the first twelve of the top twenty cities represented in D.C. with out-of-state phone numbers. Virginia takes care of the next five. So, while nearly one third of the out-of-state phone numbers come from outside the DMV, they're so far-flung that there's barely a pattern of people from any distinct city moving here. On the flip side, apparently a lot of us take our 202 area codes to Atlanta and to a lesser extent, Chicago. Take a look at the list of the top twenty cities that make their way to D.C. after the jump.

1. Silver Spring , MD
2. Laurel, MD
3. Baltimore, MD
4. Upper Marlboro, MD
5. Bethesda, MD
6. Capitol Heights, MD
7. Waldorf, MD
8. Suitland, MD
9. Temple Hills, MD
10. District Heights, MD
11. Bowie, MD
12. Rockville, MD
13. Falls Church, VA
14. Fairfax, VA
15. Virginia Beach, VA
16. Sterling, VA
17. Fort Myer, VA
18. Chicago, IL
19. New York, NY
20. San Francisco, CA
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