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Rounding Up The D.C. Blogosphere's April Fools Pranks

[Photo by Adam Fagen]

No, Curbed did not pull any silly tricks today on any trusting and unsuspecting readers. Similarly, DCist and Washington City Paper didn't try to fool anyone this April 1st either. But it seems like a good chunk of the District's blogging community tried their luck at punking their readership, some with greater success than others. As such, instead of our regular post linking you to today's top stories (which are mostly about the mayoral primary anyway), here's a list of the blogosphere's April Fools jokes.


Headline: 62 Square Feet: Developer Proposes DC's Smallest Apartments

Sentence that should tip you off: "Fulldu said that advisers on the project included his four-year old daughter, whose bedroom at home is slightly larger than the proposed apartments, as well as a few inmates at an area prison."

This is the one that actually threw us for a loop briefly. Well done (and alternately, screw you), UrbanTurf. You do this every year and we should know better by now.


Headline: Here is an April Fool's Joke I Almost Fell For, Thank God I Didn't…

Sentence that should tip you off: Franc E. Fromage will be a French-inspired mecca for kids and parents.

Actually, this is less a prank that the Prince of Petworth pulled so much as one that he was almost fooled by, himself courtesy of Chef Geoff.

New Columbia Heights

Headline: Dogs banned from 11th and Park Dog Park

Sentence that should tip you off: The park will now be open from 8am to 8pm for humans only, allowing them to run freely without a leash, chase balls and sniff each others' butts.

Well, Curbed contributor Andrew Wiseman wasn't going to be able to exercise his pranking chops here.

The Washington Post

Headline: Should we cancel spring and declare winter re-started?

Sentence that should tip you off: An April Fools' commentary, only partially tongue-in-cheek.

Too soon! The Capital Weather Gang hits close to home which is why they say it's satire up front. Still, if this was a real headline, it might be believable at this point.

Congress Heights On The Rise

Headline: The Advoc8te's choice for DC Mayor

Sentence that should tip you off: Some may accuse this candidate of "laying down on the job" and "only showing up when they want something" but I have found this candidate to be pretty forthright in their commitment to the issues at hand.

Considering that The Advoc8te has made it clear that she won't be endorsing anybody, of course this is an April Fool's joke. It's a cute one, though.

Greater Greater Washington

Headline: Maryland occupies, intends to annex disputed District of Columbia territories

Sentence that should tip you off: O'Malley also promised that no commuters driving into the city would have to face discrimination on the basis of whether they chose to pay at a meter or not, whether they obeyed posted time limits or not, or for leaving parked cars in rush hour restricted lanes.

It's an obvious satire with a political tint and a basis in historical events that makes for a fun read.