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That'll Be $4.5M To Be Vice President Joe Biden's Neighbor

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Listen up, all wonks, nerd prom attendees and CSPAN enthusiasts. There's a new house on the market in Glover Park and it's right next door to Vice President Joe Biden. The Massachusetts Avenue home is right next to the formidable Naval Observatory and can also count the Embassies of Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, New Zealand and Azerbaijan as neighbors. If you wanted an inside look into the 7,218 square foot manse, at the moment you're out of luck. This is the first time this five bedroom, eight bathroom home has been on the market in fifty four years and right now the above exterior photo is all that's available. It does say the home is being sold as-is with the potential to develop the property, and not everybody likes to list photos of their moving boxes. At $4.5 million, the asking price is actually a few hundred dollars less than the home neighboring celebrity journalist and Watergate scandal hero Bob Woodward, but that's a small detail.
· 3400 Massachusetts Avenue NW [Estately]