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Suddenly Monday's Snowstorm Seems Awfully Tame

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[Photo via Library of Congress]

So, you may have heard that it snowed at the beginning of the week. In March! What a travesty that was. Hardware stores all over the area ran out of salt, the government and schools from NoVa to Baltimore shut down and yesterday a large chunk of Ward 3 had to boil their water before use due to a power outage at the Fort Reno Pump Station. Okay, that last thing likely had nothing to do with the weather, but what more could go wrong? A look at this photo from almost exactly 100 years ago should tip you off. A blizzard on March 2, 1914 blew through the District with winds so strong that they wrecked these row houses. This dramatic photo appeared in the Washington Post the following day. Suddenly, cabin fever doesn't seem so bad.
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