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Rent A Room By Dulles For $725/Month And Bring A Horse

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This Craigslist ad is so unbelievable that the poster felt the need to mention that it's not a scam and that people have already asked him as much. It's understandable why people are so incredulous: a room in a home is available an hour outside of the city between Leesburg and Dulles for $725/month. That's believable enough until it comes out that the house is on a 42 acre estate and the tenant will have access to all of the odd amenities that come with it. If you want to hunt turkey, that's an option. If you want to use the dune buggy or paddle boat in the pond on the land, those are there. If you need to fix your vehicle, there's a car lift in the garage. Oh, and if you have a cat, dog or horse that you want to bring along for the ride, that's fine as well. This is amongst the D.C. Craigslist ads, so the poster seems to think luring a city dweller is a possibility. A few photos of the home, in the throes of being packed for an overseas move are in the gallery.

· $725 Large rm/pets welcome all utils internet, tv inc on 42 acre estate (waterford) [Craigslist]