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The Quirkiest Listing You'll Ever See Asking $1.35 Million

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This Logan Circle rowhouse is asking seven figures for a reason. It's got four bedrooms across three stories, a two story carriage house in the back, off street parking and one of the nicest gourmet kitchens to appear in a listing in recent memory. That doesn't mean it can't be a little weird. There's a photo of the dog, but it's not a particularly cute one since the way the dog has its head turned makes it appear snout-less. Also, the personalities of the occupants really shine through with things like a Party City-esque "Happy Chanukah" sign hanging from a lofted bed and the painting of the sumo wrestler in the dining room. It's probably safe to guess that multiple teens currently occupy these rooms, since it's rare to see people north of nineteen with a Doors poster on their bedroom wall. Add your own quirks to the rooms if you're looking to pay $1.35 million.

· 1320 10th Street NW [Estately]