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Which 2BR Under $450K Could Convince You to Move?

Welcome to a potentially snowed-in edition of Real Estate Death Match. In last week's bout, the Georgetown condo by Montrose Park easily decimated the spot at The Ventana in Penn Quarter. The ambient construction noise must really turn people off. The lack of a second bedroom might not have helped either. We've leveled the playing field a little bit more this week for Real Estate Death Match: Capitol Hill vs. Waterfront Edition!

Address: 440 12th Street NE #3
Price: $448,500
Square Feet: 900
Beds, Baths: 2/1

LoveJoy Lofts is one of many schoolhouses turned condos that pepper the Capitol Hill landscape. This means that the new occupant will have enviably high ceilings, but small (and very high windows), so this is geared more toward those who really crave their privacy. This place also has off street parking and an in-unit washer dryer. The exposed ductwork also really highlights the modern yet industrial feel of the renovated old building, although the (admittedly kinda creepy) disembodied artwork might add to the "modern" feel in a less than savory way. At least they don't come with the condo.

Address: 355 I Street SW #S324
Price: $444,900
Square Feet: 937
Beds, Baths: 2/1

The Waterfront condos that compete in Real Estate Death Match don't always have the best of luck, but this two bedroom does have a slight size advantage over its Capitol Hill opponent. Also, where the Capitol Hill design is decidedly a modern reworking, this design aesthetic is more old-fashioned with Oriental rugs, chandeliers and old timey light fixtures. However, the building's amenities are clearly of this day and include a pool, a fitness center and a center courtyard. Also, this dedicated parking space is in a garage.

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