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Former Virginia Merchant's Colonial Era Home Asking $4.5M

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Upon first look, the most distinctive feature of this colonial Old Town home is its utter enormity. Seriously, the inside is 5050 square feet and the photo above doesn't showcase the entire facade. However, it was also the home to Benjamin Shreve, a merchant who built this home in 1780. And yes, this is the same family of Shreves for which Shreveport, Louisiana is named. They have quite the long history of trading and involvement with steamboats as it turns out.

Luckily, this home has been recently renovated so it retains historic features without looking like it belongs in Colonial Williamsburg. The wall moldings and five fireplaces hearken back to a time when tri-corner hats were the norm. The living room furniture and grandiose paintings scream "living history lesson" as well. However, the stone is a classy update to an older aesthetic and one of the five bedrooms half looks like it's being used as an artist studio. Plus, those bathrooms are fully modern. Check out the full gallery.

· 307 Saint Asaph Street S [Estately]
· History and Genealogy of the Shreve Family [Official Site]