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Buy Max Baucus' $1.229M Hill Home & Its Wild Wallpaper

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Let's play a game. Time to see how many characters/objects/beings on this bathroom wallpaper that it's possible to identify. There's clearly a harlequin or jester of some kind and a billy goat but the rest is a little more difficult to decipher. Who knew that Montana senator/newly appointed ambassador to China Max Baucus had such a playful side when it came to wallpaper choice? The rest of this 2,100 square foot, three bedroom house in Capitol Hill is a little more reserved. The flagstone patio and piano by the fireplace are gorgeous, but there are no other circus creatures to be found. The house that Baucus bought for $968,999 in 2009 is currently asking $1,229,000. Have a look inside.

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