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Take A Sneak Peek Inside The Newest Fundrise Building

[All photos by R. Lopez]

There's no shortage of interest in Fundrise's latest offering in Shaw. Several dozens of current and potential investors from across the metro area shuffled out of the rain and into the 3500 square foot building on Saturday in order to scope it out. Once the offering is closed (which might not be long since the project has already raised $227,000 of the necessary $350,000 in under a week), Fundrise will look to lease the property to either a retail or restaurant tenant. They pointed to the low-ceilinged basement as a great place for either retail storage or food preparation and the alley access in the back as a great asset for either type of business.

In its current state, 1539 7th Street NW can best be described as a building with great potential. The floors and utilities had all been renovated in 2006, so everything appeared structurally sound. However, the remnants of the building's previous tenants had not been entirely swept away. The showers in the first floor bathrooms hearkened back to its former life as a gym. Barber's chairs, mirrors and hair washing bowls remained upstairs because the second floor had been home to Studio One salon. Artist Kelly Towles had left his signature designs on the first floor walls and one visitor asked if he could cut out that part of the wall and take it home. The answer to that particular question was no. Take a look at the building's interior after the jump.

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