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How Much For This Bloomingdale Condo/Recording Studio?

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Time to play Pricespotter, the Curbed asking price guessing game. You won't win a Sea Doo or a washer/dryer but if you guess the price of this condo correctly using the information provided, you will be fondly recognized in a few days during the reveal. Remember, winners never cheat and cheaters never win!

What/Where: 1 BR/1 BA condo in Bloomingdale
Square Feet: 511
Homeowners Association Fees: $200/month

Talk about making the most of one's allotted space. The already spacious combined living room/kitchen looks even larger due to the enormous window that takes up most of the back wall. Then, the bedroom seems larger because there's plenty of room for this DIY practice space/recording studio next to the bed. Perhaps they're moving out of this building with the enormous lovely courtyard because the neighbors in this building finally got tired of the bedroom guitar. Feel free to speculate after putting your guesses in the comments.

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