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Woodley Park's Historic Wardman Tower To Get a Facelift

[Photo by Flickr user NCinDC]

The Wardman Tower might not be a familiar name for anyone who does not spend time in Woodley Park but the list of former occupants is awfully impressive. Three former U.S. presidents (Lyndon Johnson, Herbert Hoover and Dwight D. Eisenhower) lived there, as did presidential hopefuls Bob Dole and Barry Goldwater, disgraced Vice President Spiro Agnew and actress Marlene Dietrich. Now, more people will be able to say the same.

Omnipresent D.C. developer JBG is joining up with NASH, the North American arm of Japanese developer Seksui House to renovate and reposition the famous tower. NASH's first project in the District will include will involve renewing the facade (originally built in 1928) and turning the interior into thirty-two high end condos.

How will this affect the adjacent Marriott Wardman Park? Not much as it turns out. The hotel will continue to book its 1150 rooms, but guests may have to deal with ambient construction sounds until the tower's 2015 delivery. Also, despite nearly sharing an address with the hotel, the new residents will have their own parking spaces and amenities. Thanks to JBG for the tip. Stay tuned to this space as they've not yet revealed more specific details about the condos.
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