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Here's What's In Store If You Buy an Architect's $1.8M Home

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Great Falls has had no shortage of exorbitant multi-million dollar properties hit the market that weren't the work of a prominent local architect. Now, feast your eyes on the 7,500 square foot home of John G. Colby. The man behind JG Colby & Company bought the two acre Great Falls property two years the house's 1987 construction and as such, has added some pretty exciting flourishes and details. Note, for instance the vaulted ceilings that appear throughout the home. Also, there's an indoor pool and sauna which sounds really amazing now that there's snow on the ground. Again. The multiple fireplaces also sound really nice right about now despite the overwhelming desire to not use a fireplace again for at least eight months. In 1992, he commented that Great Falls was not "a snobby community of all $1 million equestrian estates," but his estate is certainly on the luxurious side. Take a look at the manse asking $1,795,000 after the jump.

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