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Meet Hotel Monaco Alexandria's Director Of Pet Relations

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There are several pet-friendly hotels in the D.C. area. A few, like River Inn let the furry friends check in for an extra charge of $25 per night. For that fee at the W Hotel, pets also get custom treats, beds, welcome packages and first aid kits. Other hotels have a weight restriction. Then there are all of the Kimpton hotels, all of which let pets stay for free, provide them with beds and welcome them by name. In fact, the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria even has a Director of Pet Relations.

His name is Charlie. He's a seven-year-old Bichon Friese.

The "aww" factor doesn't end at the fact that a fluffy white doggie regularly wanders the halls of the hotel greeting guests and begging for treats from the reception desk. He also sends emails to other pets due to check into the hotel and offers up a Concierge list (called Charlie's list, natch) of nearby pet-friendly groomers, restaurants and parks. Plus, your pet can meet Charlie at the complimentary wine happy hours, because they're invited to come along as well. A Kimpton representative concedes that the Hotel Monaco Alexandria may be the most pet-friendly hotel in the entire company.