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Big Reveal: $959,000 For Industrial 2BR Loft Off U Street

On Monday, this two bedroom loft off U Street was presented as the subject for this week's Pricespotter. Participation was much higher this week (and thank you all!) and the guesses ranged from a low of $375K to a high of $1.1 million. In fact most of the guesses ran between $480K and $750K with two guesses at the low end of that range. However, the two high guesses of $950K and $1.1 million were closer to the truth for this condo in Union Row. In fact, the anonymous commenter who guessed $950K was incredibly close! Now, for a contest where an honest-to-goodness cash prize is involved, do check out this Instagram Contest in honor of Hotels Week. But first, take a look at the full spread of listing photos after the jump.

· 2125 14th Street NW Unit 318-W [Redfin]
· How Much For This Industrial 2BR Loft Just Off U Street? [CDC]