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Favorite Freebies: Cool Complimentary Items At D.C. Hotels

[Hay-Adams photo by Wally Gobetz]

Considering how much some D.C. hotels can cost, it's certainly worthwhile to know that guests will receive more than just a mattress, pillow and some complimentary dry croissants. Mints are passé, most places have figured out that free wi-fi is a must and currently any number of D.C. hotels are offering cherry blossom-themed desserts, fragrances and beverages. However, we'd like to highlight a few that go above and beyond in terms of the complimentary perks that they offer. Did we miss anything extraordinary? Tell us.

River Inn:

This Foggy Bottom stopover is one of many hotels in the area to offer up their own set of bicycles (possibly so that visitors can see more of the city than just the scenic George Washington University Campus). However, they also offer a free trip to Bally Total Fitness so that guests can have a complimentary session with a personal trainer.

All eight local Kimpton Hotels (George, Monaco, Madera, Palomar, Topaz, Helix, Rouge, Donovan House):

For those guests looking for some peaceful time alone, the Kimpton hotels offer Gaiam yoga mats in each room. There are also public bicycles for those who'd rather experience D.C. via the scenic bike paths. But if you want to get to know the other guests, all of these hotels host an evening wine hour from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. Yes, that is included in the cost of your stay.

Hay-Adams Hotel:

This perk is conditional and requires the purchase of the family package when booking a room for at least a three night stay. However, free tickets for the entire family to the Spy Museum is too cool not to mention.

Four Seasons Washington D.C.:

This highly rated hotel feels that there should never be an excuse to miss out on a workout. Forgot your gym clothes? They'll provide workout attire. Do you prefer to watch movies while on the elliptical? They have those, and a DVD player of course. And as for iPods should your charger go kaput: they have those available as well.

The Capella Washington D.C. Georgetown:

One of D.C.'s newest hotels wants to make an impression by helping its guest to make an impression. As such, they offer to press five clothing items upon arrival to the hotel. Wow.

Park Hyatt:

This exorbitant hotel also has bicycles for borrowing purposes, but once D.C. summer hits (which apparently it will some day), people may not care to sweat en route to their destination. As such, they also have a free sedan service, although you'll need to call them up before everyone else in the building gets the same idea.

Jefferson Hotel:

Sure, several nice hotels have people concierge service, but this one has an in-house historian. Every Saturday, they'll be in the lobby, ready to answer guest's questions for no charge. This is the quickest way to look already informed on those upcoming segway tours.