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Which D.C. Hotel Has The More Luxurious Spa?

In honor of Hotels Week, this week's Death Match puts the microscope on one particular luxurious amenity, the hotel spa. No, the irony of running a poll for Best Spa using a fighting analogy is not lost on us. That said, let's have some fun with a special Hotels Week Death Match: Four Seasons Hotel Spa vs. W Hotel Spa Edition.

The Four Seasons Hotel:

Conde Nast's 2012 Readers Poll deemed this one of the nation's top 100 hotel spas. Understandable as there are certainly an array of pampering options a la any full service spa available to hotel guests. There are a variety of body scrubs, facials and massage options and should anyone desire makeup application, there's a celebrity stylist on staff. There's even a night spa package should you prefer your massage with champagne by moonlight. Be ready to shell out though: a twenty minute Swedish massage is $100 and that's the least pricey option.

The W Hotel:

The Bliss Spa in this hotel offers clever names for their pampering packages like the Hangover Herbie and the Betweeny Wax. Also, they offer delicious spa snacks like cheese and fruit and a brownie buffet. Also, the locker rooms aren't your average recreation center locker rooms as they have Impressionist designs and saunas (although we're gonna admit the language used in the blurb is a little weird). Plus, if you like the products you've experienced, they are for sale.

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